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Audiology - Hearing Test & Hearing Aid Services

We understand that every individual's hearing needs are unique, and we tailor our services to provide the best care for each of our patients.

Our hearing test services include a thorough assessment of your hearing abilities, including a range of diagnostic tests. Based on the results of your test, we make recommendations for hearing aids that best suit your needs and lifestyle.

At Rutland Private Clinic, we believe that hearing loss should not hinder your quality of life. Our hearing aids are designed to be discreet with high-performance features that enable you to hear clear sounds with the utmost comfort.

We understand how crucial it is to maintain clear communication with your loved ones and friends, which is why we recommend our services to anyone who is experiencing hearing loss.

If you are in Oakham and require a hearing test or hearing aid services, reach out to us today. You can take advantage of our fantastic services by visiting our website and scheduling an appointment with our friendly and experienced audiologists. Do not let hearing loss limit your quality of life any longer. Book an appointment today and start hearing clearly once again!

£20.00 Starting price

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